Alexa Blun

The one who comes to us from Colombia, ALEX BLUN is a great Cougar who has nothing to envy to the best of the teenagers.
Her body is incredible, her breasts are huge (90F) and her buttocks are impressive.
Alexa's deep throat can swallow any kind of yard you put in front of her.
She mainly collaborated with the Spanish studio FAKINGS by shooting with a libertine couple : Maria Bose and Fede Row. then later with Jordi Polla and Jose a young virgin with whom she practices an anal sex session : Jordi penetrating her anus again and again while Jose ejaculates non-stop in the old lady's mouth.
You might think that rubber sex can't top all of the above, but you're wrong! She's going to suck three dildos and when her privates are dripping, she's going to put one in her pussy and two more in her ass. A superb TRIPLE PENETRATION. but where are the limits of Alexa Blun?
In October 2021, she'll be back with "The Alpine Jerk" Jordi Polla for the studio BRAZZERS.

Birthdate 28/04/1969 (54 years)
Country Colombie
Ethny Latine
Height 1.65m
Weight 58 kg
Hair Blonde
Breast size 90F
Breast type Fake